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The IAM Course

A deep, rigorous, and transformative men’s course.

Back in 2009, I had a strong urge to gather men together in the name of wholeness and collective healing to break away from tired, constricting definitions of masculinity and manhood.

It took nearly a decade to put legs under that urge and get IAM out into the world. The first iteration of IAM did as intended, though it became clear that I had a tiger by the tail, and it needed some refinement.

Since then, IAM has expanded and evolved, becoming ever more solid and powerful. I’m proud to say that it’s become a master’s level transformational men’s work experience.

So, why IAM?

I’m determined to create cultures of men who live as conscious, present adults. Men who understand and embrace responsibility for the joyous privilege it is. Men who aren’t afraid to face their shadows. Men willing to lead with curiosity and vulnerability.  Men who own their innate power and use it for life-giving purposes. Men who see a bigger picture and know they have a role to play in healing the present—and crafting the future.

I envision a world in which these men lead in corporations, communities, and at the highest levels in the halls of government around the globe: open-hearted, Integrated Adult Men.

With the above as context, let me provide just a few examples of what men who’ve been through IAM walk away with:

Here’s a short list of outcomes IAM graduates have shared:

  • A stronger connection with their own creativity—and a commitment to get into action and create something—from works of art to new businesses and everything in between.
  • Deeper, more satisfying relationships with spouses, partners, loved ones, and even colleagues.
  • An increased willingness to face and work through conflict and discomfort.
  • An appreciation for the full range of emotional experiences. That’s a big deal for those of us taught to avoid and suppress our feelings, and IAM grads report that, along with learning to allow their emotions, they’ve grown to actively seek and invite them for the information they provide.
  • Relief and freedom from the burdensome weight of shame.
  • A powerful experience of community from being in rich relationships with other men, and a sense of real belonging—free of the need to earn, impress, or prove.
  • Last, but certainly not least, they report that fun has made a comeback.

Here’s the thing: IAM is no-bullshit, life-changing work. If any of the outcomes above speak to you, reach out, register, and let’s get this thing done now.

A few words from previous IAM participants:

Irv Kooris, founder of C3: Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting, was a participant in Ken’s very first IAM course in 2018. Irv and Ken sat down in early August 2022 for a great conversation about their years of experience with IAM. Click the button below to listen:

Irv & Ken Discuss IAM

IAM is an engaging, interactive, three-month program that will help you:

  • Create more meaningful connection with yourself and others
  • Deepen intimate relationships
  • Learn to easily navigate the often-misunderstood world of emotions
  • Rediscover your playfulness and fun
  • Reclaim your creativity and find new outlets and expressions
  • Discover the power of conscious adulthood

These things haven’t gone away, they’ve just gone into hiding…

IAM – formerly known as The Integrated Adult Man – will help you find them and reignite your mojo by …

  • Taking a deep, broad plunge into the world of the multidimensional self. (We are many things, but we are not two-dimensional! Our culture encourages us to cut off parts of ourselves in order to become “real men.” It’s no wonder so many of us are struggling.)
  • Exploring – and dismantling – old messages received and absorbed earlier in the game. (We’ve all been bombarded with messages – useful and otherwise – from the get go. Seeing them in the light of day can change the choices we make…)
  • Taking a courageous look at the role of wounding. (Hey, everybody’s got ‘em – and we’ll be looking at them from angles that will shed some very different light on your own experiences, allowing you to shift your perspectives in powerful ways…)
  • Uncovering shadows – and the power hidden in them. (Ideas, images – even identities – can get swept under the rug and forgotten… And sometimes the things that got hidden away turn out to be valuable keys to our own power and potential…)

In other words, it’s a substantial, rigorous 3-Month adventure that will give you powerful tools to clarify, claim, create – and live – your own definition of manhood.

Here’s how it works:

  • Thirteen 90-Minute, interactive classes over three months – We’ll be meeting live over Zoom, so you’ll be able to see one another, ask questions and engage fully…
  • Individual and small group assignments throughout. While there won’t be quizzes or tests, there will be plenty of rigorous work to do between classes that will keep you engaged and moving forward. Plus, you’ll get to know some truly extraordinary men…
  • Class size will be limited to 12 participants – A smaller group to allow you to engage with the content – and one another – as much as possible…

Here’s what a few IAM grads have to say:

“Being part of a safe circle of men committed to making sense of masculinity and being a man was magic for me. Knowing that I could be vulnerable in an area that, for me, is sensitive and sometimes fraught gave me room to play and to be myself in new ways that opened up new doors to understanding myself and men in our culture.”

— David Andrews, Washington, DC

“This is just so amazing for me, as I approach another decade, learning and growing and really understanding all the different parts of me that created who I am today. And to be able to do a deep dive into that with other men is very powerful, sacred and special. It’s something I don’t want to stop doing. There was a level of openness, trust, transparency… Shame, guilt, rage, sexuality… We covered it all.”

— Irv Kooris, Atlanta, GA

“One important change for me as a result of my IAM experience was a bigger opening and deepening trust in other men, and sense of solidarity, and an acceptance that the task of helping transform toxic masculinity, doesn’t beget that I feel ashamed of being a man.”

— Nick Kettles, Aubertin, France

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