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Burnout, Fatherhood, and Daughters with Brian Anderson – Act 2

In the second half of our conversation, Brian Anderson continues to captivate with his heartfelt reflections on fatherhood and personal growth. With disarming honesty, Brian shares pivotal moments from his journey as a father - from early missteps to profound realizations about unconditional love. His story of founding Fathering Together emerges as a powerful testament to turning personal challenges into a force for collective good, and his passionate advocacy for 'servant leadership' in fatherhood offers a refreshing perspective on modern masculinity. Brian leaves us with practical wisdom for fathers, emphasizing open communication and joyful engagement, resonating with a deep commitment to nurturing a new generation of compassionate, self-aware fathers.


Brian Anderson is a husband, father, and gender equity advocate. In his professional life, he's the Director of Foundation Relations for i.c.stars. His side hustles and projects include being the Co-Founder and Board President of Fathering Together where he writes and speaks on the importance of dads living connected lives. He's worked with dozens of companies and hundreds of dads to translate their professional skills into home-life strategies. In his personal life, you can find him building Lego structures, cooking, and writing stories with his two daughters. In September 2022, he published his first book, Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life, which lays out servant leadership as a model for fatherhood.