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The Army, Daughters and Leadership with Mike Sweeney – Act 2

In this captivating second act with Mike Sweeney, I was treated to a treasure trove of hard-earned wisdom. Mike's journey from Army officer to corporate leader, and through the choppy waters of divorce and fatherhood, is nothing short of remarkable. I couldn't help but chuckle as he recounted how a forklift driver's casual "Oh well" became a pivotal moment in his leadership philosophy. It's fascinating how Mike evolved from a command-and-conquer approach to one of connection and inspiration, showcasing the power of emotional intelligence in both professional and personal spheres. As we delved into his experiences with divorce and co-parenting, I was struck by Mike's candid reflections on balancing societal expectations with personal growth. Our conversation was a rich exploration of leadership, fatherhood, and self-discovery that left me pondering the importance of embracing both masculine and feminine energies. Mike's parting wisdom? Sometimes, when life throws you a curveball, it's okay to just say "Oh well" and roll with it.

Bio by Mike:

In my career, I’ve applied my love of learning to coaching leaders, accelerating organizational change, and building high performing teams – often through digital learning. I enjoy the challenge of new industries so I can discover techniques that work everywhere.
• Digital learning – I started with flip phone videos to help employees make label changes easier. This grew to personalized learning experience platforms, virtual facilitation, social learning, xAPI learning analytics, and content development in eLearning, video, simulation, and all the fun formats.
• Coaching leaders – I’ve developed coaching skills through a Master’s in organizational psychology, courses on positive psychology and appreciative inquiry, and the full curriculum from the Co-Active Training Institute. Nothing thrills me more than supporting people as they learn the craft of leadership.
• Accelerating organizational change – I have experience leading large transformational change efforts – mixing new technology with behavior change. After years of studying change, I’ve found ways to weave the people side of change into projects. The outcomes have been higher engagement, faster change, and better results.
• Building high performing teams – Working with a diverse group of people is where the magic happens. I know my strengths (and where I’m less good) and look for complementary all-stars to do great work together. My point of view on teams has evolved, but elements I learned as a platoon leader in the U.S. Cavalry still resonate – leader as servant, aligned ambition, and mutual respect.

Outside of work, I learn from my three wonderful daughters, get outside to stay centered, and run often. I am enjoying watching my two oldest daughters run XC without being too involved. As a certified distance running coach, I often bite my lip. I ride the PMC to raise money for cancer research.