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About KenMossman

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What I do

I borrowed some of the author Christopher Paolini’s language. He coined the word “thunder” for a group of dragons, and I thought it fit brilliantly with my own gig. 

I’m here to create thunders of men who willingly and joyfully take responsibility for their world.

I partner with men—visionaries, mapmakers, and iconoclasts—to grow their presence, sharpen their focus, and up-level their leadership. We also work on relationships, because no man with any concern about his world goes it alone. He needs to develop his awareness of himself and others, his empathy, and his capacity to see and take responsibility for his vision, his values, and the impact he has. We get down in the trenches and work on emotional literacy, fluency, and flexibility. We explore the light, the shadow, and everything in between, for the sake of playing sustainable, vital, legacy-rich games. 

The work I do takes two primary forms: group and 1:1. You can learn more about the group work on the IAM page, and the 1:1 on the Coaching page.

Meanwhile, here’s some CV data. 

I’ve worked on the 1:1 side for more than two decades as a senior faculty member and curriculum designer at the Co-Active Training Institute and led their coach-training programs from 2005 to 2021. Whilst there, I gained a reputation among students and colleagues as a compassionate, open-hearted, and impact-driven leader. 

I’m a proud, hungry learning junkie. My own professional journey has led me through the snowy mountains of Wyoming, to art school, into (and out of) the fitness industry, and finally to the founding of Cirrus Leadership and the development of the IAM (Integrated Adult Man) course and IAM Mastery programs and live retreats. 

Today, IAM is a rigorous 3-month adventure that gives men powerful tools to break through decades of limiting messages to create and live their own definitions of manhood.

IAM is a developmental journey of revealing, examining, and discarding old teachings we’ve been hammered with from the moment we began understanding language. You know, all that stuff about being a man and what it’s supposed to mean. IAM will help you reconnect with aspects of yourself, including your inner child and inner adolescent—and their natural energy, creativity, and curiosity. You’ll learn when (and when not) to call on them as vital resources. IAM will blow up the two-dimensional cage of ill-fitting definitions of manhood and free you to claim the birthright that’s waiting for you.

IAM is one piece of what I do to create thunders of men who experience life with a deep sense of connection, awareness, playfulness, and joyous responsibility: for the good of all and with harm to none.

“By taking ownership of their own innate creativity and wisdom, my clients better lead, serve, and enjoy their organizations, communities, families, and personal lives.”

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My Story

Self-expression has always mattered to me. Even as a young kid, I had a nagging sense that following the culturally agreed-upon, pre-prescribed path wasn’t going to do it for me. 

In boyhood, I didn’t see many grown-ups having a good time. On one hand, they acted like they knew what needed to be done and seemed to have all the answers. On the other hand, their world didn’t look like a fun place to be…

Years later, as a ski instructor at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I remember  chairlift rides where men (it was always the men) would ask, “What do you do in real life?”  While my favorite answer was “You mean during the off-season? I work as a paid assassin…” I quietly thought this an odd question.  

As far as I could tell, I was living a very real life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and getting paid to do what I loved. My students, ironically, were working year-round to pay for a couple of weeks of vacation to come to where I lived and learn from me. I was skiing 120 days a  year, living in the shadow of the Grand Tetons, and having big fun.

From my point of view, their question didn’t make “real life” sound all that appealing.

There were, of course, also lessons learned off the slopes: navigating the worlds of relationships, love, sex, heartbreak, housemates, and more in my college years. 

Years before finding my way to my own legacy work, I gained the kind of invaluable experience one can only get by clinging too long to bad jobs and unhealthy relationships. I worked in the food industry not because I enjoyed the work, but rather because I had the skills, moves, and chops. Later, I spent a few years working a gig that would have curled a safety inspector’s toes: creating displays for homebuilders in a dust and chemical-filled production shop. (My boss was a chill, fun character, but not much for health and safety.)

Farther along my timeline, I overstayed my years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. I loved the work when I started, but after a dozen years, the long hours and miles of driving were just not working for me. Though I owned the business and thoroughly enjoyed my clients, I was on an express train to burnout.

My son was born when I was 40. With his anything-but-smooth arrival, something deep inside me was awakened. I still don’t have adequate words for it, but to call it “transformative” is both accurate and grossly understated. I don’t think I would have said this at the time, but my worldview shifted, along with my understanding of manhood. 

Shortly thereafter, two personal training clients mentioned this “coaching” thing to me within a single 48-hour period—and I paid attention.

Based on the recommendation of one of those clients, I looked into CTI, then known as the Coaches Training Institute. A few months later, I stepped into my first coach-training course—and haven’t looked back since.

A few short years later, I joined CTI’s faculty and, during my tenure there, had the privilege of leading more than 200 live courses around the world, countless certification groups, individual and group supervisions, and so much more.

After 17 wonderful years, I bid a fond farewell to CTI (now known as the Co-Active Training Institute) in order to dedicate myself entirely to my own work.

That work continues to call me to grow: as a man, a father, a husband, an adult, a spiritual dude on a physical adventure, and most importantly, as a whole, responsible human being.