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Cirrus Leadership Men’s Mojo Self-Survey

Courageous Men,

If you’re like many others, you’ve played by a set of rules and followed a path that promised material success and, along with it, a level of satisfaction and personal fulfillment…

If you’re like many others, you are also likely asking yourself, after playing by those rules and following that path, what became of those promises?

Where’s the fulfillment and satisfaction I was after?

What happened to the fun?

Where’d my mojo – my zest and enthusiasm for life – go?

 The “Mojo Survey” below is a group of statements designed to help you develop some awareness and insight into gaps in your own habits, practices and overall outlook – just a few components that influence your level of satisfaction and fulfillment across the board.

While the scope of these statements in no way attempts to cover every possible aspect of personal and professional life, there’s more than enough here to prompt some healthy reflection and curiosity so that, at the very least, you can begin to solidify one or more compass-points that, if followed, will offer a degree of clarity about what’s tugging on your pant-legs, requiring some attention or maybe even missing altogether.

You may find a number of these statements confronting.  That’s okay.  They’re intended to function as wake-up calls.  Change is challenging – and allowing yourself to notice what needs to be changed isn’t comfortable…

Then again, neither is sticking with the status quo once you’re aware that it isn’t working for you. The goal of the “Mojo Survey” is to provide you with enough clarity and awareness to begin to formulate and execute a plan to get yourself reoriented and moving toward bringing back some of that zest, enthusiasm, satisfaction and yes, fun.

Take a few minutes to go through the statements below and check off “Yes” or “No” for each.  Move quickly, trust your gut and don’t over-think.  Once you’ve logged your responses, continue reading below.

Have at it:

Mojo Survey: How am I Really Doing                

Yes     No         I have a regular contemplative practice.

Yes     No         I take time to get to know my emotions.

Yes     No         I have nothing to prove.

Yes     No         I live in the moment and, when triggered, have practices for recovering to the moment.

Yes     No         I agree with – and live in a manner consistent with – the statement:
“What others think of me is none of my business.”

Yes     No         I have a loving relationship with my body.

Yes     No         I take responsibility for the choices I make and the circumstances I find myself in.

Yes     No         I trust my emotions.

Yes     No         I know, accept and love my own inner child and adolescent.

Yes     No         I make time for play.

Yes     No         I see myself as creative and make time for creative expression.

Yes     No         I see life as deeply sacred, yet I don’t take myself too seriously

Yes    No         I understand that taking responsibility is a privilege.

Yes     No         I can clearly discern the difference between the voice of my heart and the voice of my mind.

Yes     No         I understand that my willingness to be transparent and take ownership of mistakes and failures increases the effectiveness of
   my leadership.

Yes     No         I understand that complex problems are not solved by blaming others and/or seeking overly simplistic answers.

Yes     No         I have made peace with, accept and love the parts of me that experience anger and rage.

Yes     No         I seek and value intimacy in all my closest relationships, sexual or otherwise.

Yes     No         I freely enjoy and can easily relax in the company of other men.

Yes     No         I delight in the regular practice of imagining desired futures.

Now that you’ve completed your answers, look over the statements.

Congratulate yourself for your “Yes” responses.  Good stuff…

For the statements you answered with a “No”, invite some curiosity…

What impact does each “No” have on you and the people around you?

How would being able to provide an honest “Yes” to one or more of your “No” statements impact you and/or your relationships?

If you see a desirable outcome, then think of this as a simple gap-analysis and consider possible ways to move in that desired direction.