Another Piece of My Story

In the last installment of my personal story I mentioned that it took me a while – 12 years, actually – to get my proverbial show on the road.

While I’ll cop to putting the ever-important “pro” in procrastination, I did have some ripening to do between the tender ages of 48 and 60.

At the same time, my father taught me to never to do anything half-assed…

And what’s true is that, while the seed of a men’s program had been planted back when I was in my mid-40’s, I had a mess of my own work yet to do.

I had the wherewithal to catch the idea when it first landed and, even though I was doing solid, good one-to-one work with men, I hadn’t yet developed the chops necessary to occupy and stay consistently in my own conscious adult state – to say nothing of guiding other men to their own…

I was a bit too arrogant (in a mostly sneaky, nice guy sort of way) and, though I’d always been playful and creative, I hadn’t completely brought home and integrated my own inner child and adolescent…

I didn’t yet know how or when to invite them in as allies – or when to keep them clearly and cleanly on the sidelines…

And there was more work to do in my own emotional arena.

For instance, as crazy as it might sound, I hadn’t yet made friends with my own rage, nor had I learned that giving the car keys to my inner martyr (he became known as “Marty” in a rather humorous episode involving sunset on a California beach, a rising tide and a length of kelp masquerading as an eraser…) was not a recipe for success.

In other words, while stretching and growing were happening, I wasn’t exactly walking the talk I wanted to be walking as a leader of my own program…

Nothing wrong with being close, of course, but from the get-go, the plan was to offer something more rigorous and substantive than horseshoes or hand grenades, so close just wouldn’t do.

So, yeah, while I’ll ever be a work in progress, IAM was a good dozen years in the making – and the good news is that it was made – and, if I do say so myself, it is very, very good stuff

And iteration number 4 is coming up in just a few short weeks – beginning Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Here’s the shorthand lowdown:

IAM is a three-month men’s journey, a deep dive into the deep end of the pool to:

  • Reconnect with parts of yourself you voted off of your own island

  • Look at and deconstruct the messages – conscious and otherwise – about manhood you were taught, offered, force-fed, indoctrinated into, etc…

  • Be in community with other curious, open-hearted men

  • Learn to recognize your own conscious adult – and make sure he’s in the driver’s seat

  • Create your own personal definition of manhood

  • And a whole lot more

As I mentioned in my message last week, this is as crazy a time as has ever been in our lives – and if ever there were a time to come together as fellow travelers, explorers and men committed to growing and stepping into conscious adulthood and a higher level of responsibilitythis is it!

IAM 2020 class details are below – one of which is that early-bird savings are happening now – and they’ll be going away in another week.

Oh – and by the way, there is ONE remaining “first 6” spot. The first man who reaches out to me and registers will receive an additional $50 savings AND a series of valuable bonus small-group focus sessions.

Don’t wait.

Whether IAM is new news to you – or you’ve been considering jumping in since we started back in 2018 – now’s the time!

I look forward to seeing you in October for this year’s IAM program!