Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes -With a Nod to David Bowie!

Exciting? Yes. Daunting? Probably. Worth it? Yes!

Hi All,

It’s no secret to you that that I pour a lot of energy into my writing.

And, in full transparency, it’s time to answer to the late David Bowie’s call to do things differently.

If ever I’m going to pull together a larger piece of writing – to get a book out into the world – it’s going to require changes.  Rather than spending hours a week producing articles, I’ll be turning my time, attention, and creativity toward authoring that book!





Worth it?

Can’t imagine it won’t be!

Will I still show up in your inbox regularly?

I will indeed…

And it’ll be different.

You’ll be seeing weekly shorter pieces with a tighter focus on my men’s work, the usual, occasional, and seasonal program announcements, and more.

I do hope you’ll stick with me on this next chapter of life and up-leveling my work as I endeavor to create a broader positive impact.

I’m on a purposeful, healing mission to serve life – and future generations – by creating legions of healthy, conscious, Integrated Adult Men.

I invite you to join me… and help me spread the word!