Confessions of a Spiritual Matchmaker

One of my favorite things to do is connect good people, folks doing great work in the world, to one another.

It brings me joy to know that, in ways small and large, a few words of introduction can open doors to new relationships and, when the connections work out really well, even long-term sustainable collaborations and things down the road that I may never find out about.

It’s cool, fulfilling, and quite good fun!

And while it doesn’t happen often, sometimes I get it wrong – which may make for an entertaining story another time.

What I love about introducing folks to one another is discovering what takes root from seeds planted on a substrate of trust, intuition, and curiosity.

On the intuition side, the thought or feeling makes itself known, often showing up like, “Fred and Jack just popped into my mind at the same time!  Might make sense to send them a mutual intro.”

In this case, I trust not only the intuitive “hit” or nudge about Fred and Jack, I also trust Fred and Jack.  I trust them to pick up the intro from where it was left. I trust that being open-minded adult humans, they don’t need complete CV’s on one another, that they are fully capable of teasing out any needed details in conversation.

I’m curious about the chemistry they might have together, where their connection could lead, what impacts might come from knowing each other and, in broad terms, what their potential shared bond could do for the betterment of this world and its living inhabitants.

That might sound grandiose.  On one hand, it is.  On the other hand, if they make the connection and find out there’s simply no there there… no harm, no foul.

I mention all this because, as I look out at our current-day world, I see a lot more people outwardly dedicated to fostering division, increasing polarization, and de-humanization.

If I can do anything to stem the tide of that stuff, I’m all over it.

Knowing how much (sometimes not knowing and going for it anyway) can come from a simple, short email introduction, trusting the potential of relationship to cross wires, time zones, and sometimes entire oceans, continents, and cultures, why not at least give it a chance?

Like I said, no harm, no foul.

Because of the work I do, the people I’m providing the mutual intros for tend to be men.  That fact adds another layer of responsibility and, to my heart and mind, some significant joy as well.  After all, in the face of an ongoing epidemic of male loneliness and separation, making occasional connections between men feels all that much more urgent and important.

One of my friends paid me a sweet compliment, suggesting the virtual intros functioned as a form of spiritual matchmaking.

Hey, even if it’s only a little true, I’ll take it!

What I am certain is a lot true is that big things can come from small, well-intentioned acts, that small connections lead to bigger ones.

With all that said, who do you know who might just be better for having met someone else you know?

Introduce them!