Grand Visions of Small Things

Asked about visionaries, most folks would likely point to people like John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa, or Nelson Mandela. While getting to the Moon within a decade, healing illness and poverty, and creating a more equitable society are big, important – even heroic – imaginings of the future, they aren’t the only varieties of vision that have an impact.

First, some context on vision.

At its essence, vision is simply about imagining the future. When we sit down in a restaurant, we’re handed a visioning tool in the form of a menu.

When we worry, we’re actively (sometimes vividly) envisioning something we’d rather not experience.

Imagining futures runs the gamut, from thinking about what you want for a snack to what your business will look like a year from now, from thinking about what’s for lunch to dreaming of warp-speed interplanetary travel.

I have some big ideas for my own work – and believe me, I truly love grand visions and have a warm spot in my heart for those who dare dream them. It’s cool to witness great minds cooking up new stuff, to marvel at their imaginings…

And today I want to celebrate grand visions of small things. The little bits that, while sure not to make the news, quietly make big differences.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that anyone stop thinking big. The world needs big thinkers, and in my opinion, we could all stand to spend more time imagining a peaceful, healthy planet that’s home to joyous, caring humans.

But let’s also come closer to home and turn our imaginations to the near futures (not years and decades out) we want for ourselves and those closest to us. How about later today, tomorrow, and next week?

If, for instance, you envisioned your kids or significant other feeling seen, accepted, and deeply loved two hours from now, what impact would that have on your words, thoughts, and actions?

If you made it a point to dream about easy relationships and clear communications inside your organization – beginning right about now – what would you do differently today? How would you interact with those around you? What kind of feedback would you offer? What kind would you be willing to receive? Who would you reach out to?

Big things are awesome… and, as my Beloved wisely points out, “We don’t get the big things without the little things.”

So it is that grand visions come to pass in successions of demure bits, in a parade of small, near-term imaginings.

Dream on… big and small.

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