Happy Holidays and Adieu… Unit the New Year!

And you just might hear Auld Lang Syne with fresh ears!

Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Holidays to You and Yours!

First, huge gratitude to you for your attention, engagement, and warm comments!

I’m reflecting on a year of surprise, disappointment, triumph, loss, connection, and magic.

All over the map, ain’t it?

Well, I’m all about keeping it real.  You know, human and relatable rather than rainbows and unicorns.  No offence to unicorns, of course.

If I’m really walking my own talk, part of the job is shining a light in dark places and taking as much ownership of the faceplants as I do the mountaintop experiences.

All of it in service of growing into a better leader, a stronger coach, a more conscious adult, a more responsible ancestor.

So yeah, disappointment and loss were important, instructive parts of my experience of 2024.

I learned that I need more help than previously imagined.  Then I got out of my way and asked for it!

I encourage you to do your own review of the year that was, being mindful to include and take ownership your failures.  As you do, I invite you to be open, curious, and most important, compassionate.

I can’t guarantee it, but I’m guessing you’ll find substantial learning material worthy of celebration.

And you just might hear Auld Lang Syne with fresh ears!

Happy Holidays!