Look What’s Cooking!

Hi All,

A quick, rather excited share this week about a couple of things I’m stoked to be part of – one of which includes an invitation to join me… and maybe some alligators.

Because, you know, one can never get enough of alligators.

The first is a multi-day retreat with fellow elders in the men’s work community.  We’ll be holing up in an Airbnb outside of Boston in late January, digging into some rich collective synergies, sharing bits of our individual work, looking into ways of being of support to one another, some important creative playtime, and a whole lot more.

I’m thrilled and wildly curious about what’ll come from this gathering of elders, though knowing who’s coming tells me it’s going to be amazing.

The elder’s retreat kicks off Thursday evening, January 25, and formally wraps Sunday evening, with departure planned for Monday morning.

Then, author, speaker, and facilitator extraordinaire, Sean Harvey and I, having bottled the energy and creative spark the elder’s retreat, will head to the airport to fly down the Eastern Seaboard, arriving at the beautiful ChoZen Retreat Center in Sebastian, Florida.

There, we’ll be co-leading the inaugural Warrior Compassion Men’s Retreat. We’ll also be joined by author, men’s coach, and former Marine, Quentin Finney, as co-facilitator.

Alligators and manatees, I’m sure, to say nothing of 22,000 acres of wild semi-tropical exploration and play space…

More importantly, combining elements from Sean’s book, Warrior Compassion with advanced concepts from my IAM program and, of course, important pieces from Quentin’s work, this retreat is shaping up to be a powerful, memorable, transformational experience in the company of amazing, committed men.

I think you can see why I’m so excited about what’s cooking for January!

I invite you to join us for the inaugural Warrior Compassion Men’s Retreat.

See you in Sebastian on January 30.