No lipstick on the Pig!

Last night I sat in my living room, drinking a bit of warming tea, thinking about things that grease the wheels of a good group of men making real connections with each other.

And you know what?  

I realized a key piece is building a bullshit-free zone.

I’m confident this is what really creates space for our transformation, when we’re all coming together without the fluff.

You might wonder, what the heck is a bullshit-free zone, anyway?

In IAM, the program I’ve led 10 cohorts through since 2018, it’s a ground rule intended to relieve everyone in the room of the urge to impress, to prove, to pretty up the picture. No lipstick on the pig, thank you very much.

“Give us the raw. Give us the real. We’re not here for biz as usual, we’re here to connect and grow!” It’s that kind of attitude – simultaneously edgy and welcoming.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that I’m delighted that we, IAM participants and leaders, get to hang and work together in a no bullshit zone. 

And that’s a cool gift.

It creates a safe, courageous, vulnerable space where all voices are welcome and heard.

In IAM, we throw the door open wide, and we get the inner work done. 

We’re not trying to look good, so no need to armor up. 

Are you – or do you know a man – ready to let go of the armor? Hit reply and let me know!

PS: Next IAM cohorts launch in March. More updates to come!