Get off the hamster wheel

I had the honor of co-leading, with Sean Harvey, a retreat for a small group of men over the weekend.  Over our 3 ½ days together, we did some kickass deep work.  We were a gathering of men who do men’s work – and closely aligned work – across settings from Zoom rooms to the wilderness, from kitchens to C-suites, from government agencies to university classrooms.

It was raw, intense, intimate, and big fun!  It’s safe to say we’ll be unpacking insights for months…

One thing that I took away is that it really is time for me to get cracking on my book.  (I do have a draft premise written.)

When I shared my observations, conclusions, and ideas for the book, every man in the room nodded rather enthusiastically.

And off to the races we go!

I’ll be taking on the pain caused by a culture that’s stuck on an endlessly spinning adolescent hamster-wheel.

My focus, of course, is on men.

My hope is that, while not pulling any punches, my work and words will open minds and hearts to healing, letting go of shame, and finding relief from constricting ideals of manhood.

I’m not sure it’ll be the readable version of the IAM course, but it’ll certainly make big chunks of the IAM experience available to many!

It’ll also be an invitation (maybe an unapologetic challenge) for men – including men like you and/or those you love – to step off the hamster-wheel.  To take the necessary steps to become integrated, adult men.

When the time comes, I hope you’ll come along on the journey!

Much Love and Huggage,


PS: Speaking of IAM and getting off the hamster-wheel, the next IAM cohorts launch the last week of March.  Registration, including $600 in early savings, is open.  Reach out to me with questions or to register – AND grab the latest info here!