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A Conversation with Edwin Vega: What’s Voice Got to Do With It? Part 2

Time with Edwin Vega, one very cool man with a great story to tell, is time well-spent...

At the tender age of 12, Edwin left home in Cleveland, Ohio for a boarding school in Hershey, Pennsylvania - and an ongoing adventure that weaves from singing in school choirs to operatic stages, from corporate training rooms to New York City, including a stop at the Grammys because, you know, that's just what happens... In this, Part 2 of our conversation, the inimitable Edwin takes us ever deeper into his work in diversity, equity and inclusion - including how, years after having left the world of opera, the world of opera circled back looking for Edwin - and his work. We take a peek at some historically wobbly legs beneath a beautiful, elegantly-set buffet table, discuss how love of country and dedication to systemic change are, in actuality and by necessity, mutually inclusive... And, of course, there's that Grammy Award!


You can connect with Edwin Vega on LinkedIn - and hear him sing on YouTube!