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A Conversation with Rev. Sean Harvey: Staying in the Grays – Part 1

Born to husband and wife truckers, Rev. Sean Harvey's journey has taken him from truck stops to activism, from the testosterone-addled pressure-cooker of Wall Street to the corporate offices of a women's fashion company, from graduating from seminary to founding the Sympónia Institute for Global Compassionate Healing - a stunning retreat center in the lush hills of Asheville, North Carolina...

In this, Part 1 of our conversation, Sean shares his personal story, discussing listening to his inner voice versus pursuing money, status and title, creating realities from imaginal realms, walking away from Wall Street after having played the hyper-masculine game until it ran out of gas - and making his way to Eileen Fisher, where he did a lot of unlearning and even more discovery via, as he says, learning to "stay in the complexity of the gray."


Find out more about Rev. Sean Harvey and his work at - and on Twitter at the_soulfuledge , on LinkedIn , or Instagram at the_soulfuledge - and have a look at The Compassionate Masculinity Project!