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A Conversation with Jayson Krause – Flying Tin Cans, Semmelweis and Letting Go – Part 2

Jayson Krause, leadership strategist, author, speaker and founder and managing director at Level 52, an award-winning leadership and executive coaching firm, spent a number of his young adult years in the pilot's seat of a bobsled hurtling down icy tracks at speeds of up to 100 MPH.

In this, Part 2 of our conversation, Jayson unpacks more of the his own story, including "the cost of the sport" and the effort involved in order to shave hundredths of a second of time off a bobsled run - and how principles from hours of sharpening blades apply to other areas of life and leadership. We discuss the art and importance of speaking what's so - even when it may fly in the face of established norms and practices... And how unexpected twists can lead to changes and, more importantly, unforeseen successes and triumphs of character.


You can hear Jayson's own podcast here:, travel here to view his YouTube speaker's reel and, of course, find him on LinkedIn. Jayson's new book, The Science Behind Success - What Every Leader Need to Know About Mindset, Influence, Culture and Performance is scheduled for release in November, 2020.