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A Conversation with Dori Ben-Chanoch: Plans are Great… Until They Aren’t – Part 1

Dori Ben-Chanoch spent his childhood years on an Israeli kibbutz surrounded by larger-than-life heroic warrior figures - and mysterious travelers visiting from exotic locales such as Northern Europe...

In Part 1 of our conversation, Dori unpacks his history as a young kid raised, quite literally, by a village, how occasional forays into cities were like "going to the moon" - and the way he was bitten by the travel bug carried by outside visitors. Dori's story offers a peek behind the curtain of being made a soldier from the raw materials of a sensitive kid, and moves from learning to discern the qualities of effective leadership in adverse conditions to developing an insatiable hunger for growth, discovery and positively impacting the mysterious larger world waiting in the distance...


You can learn more about Dori and his great work on his website, Dor to Core and, of course, you can find him on LinkedIn!