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A Conversation with Stephen Shedletzky: Triumphant Failure, Zayde and a Path Toward Why – Part 1

Stephen Shedletzky, Head of Brand Experience & Lead Igniter at Simon Sinek knows a thing or two about "Why." He also knows a few things about making the journey from stuttering to becoming a passionate, erudite speaker, podcaster, producer and determined chaser - and catcher - of dreams...

And Shed, as his friends call him, is just a good, good man. In Part 1 of our conversation, Stephen shares his childhood history of stuttering, traveling from humiliation to "triumphant failure" - and the powerful influence of his Zayde, (Yiddish for Grandfather) a Holocaust survivor with a fifth-grade education - who seemed destined to become a great and beloved teacher with a universe of stories and wisdom to hand down...


You can learn more about Stephen's work with Simon Sinek, watch videos of his talks and, of course, find him on LinkedIn!