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A Conversation with Kevin Elden – “Oh, Now I See…” Part 1

Kevin Elden is an actor with roles in major TV shows including Law and Order, SVU, The Good Wife and more - to National Theatre Tours with some of the U.S.'s most respected Regional Theaters. He's also an executive coach working across a broad range of industries from hospitality and finance to communications and pharmaceuticals...

And before, during and after every work day, Kevin is a father, a husband, an artist - and a wildly creative, curious man exploring every facet of the human condition in search of all life has to offer. In Part 1 of this very rich conversation, Kevin shares his history including more than a few instances of "Oh!" moments that revealed, over and over, how much more of the world there was to discover and learn about. Just in case you're wondering, the supply of "Oh" moments hasn't run dry! And by the way, time spent with Kevin Elden is Just. Plain. Good.


You can learn more about Kevin's acting work and classes at his website: or by visiting his IMDb page. For find out more about Kevin's executive coaching, check out his LinkedIn Profile - and, of course, you can reach out to Kevin via email at: