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Sam House and Stepping into the Big Room – Part 1

Though unlikely to admit it himself, Sam House is somewhat of a legend in the world of coaching and leadership training.

Sam's story, from growing up in an alcoholic home to pursuing - and leaving - a clinical social work career, to driving cabs in New York City, to making his way to becoming the man and leader he is today, weaves and turns in ways that speak to the highs and lows that are, at their essence, the very stuff that makes all of us beautifully imperfect humans... And potentially powerful, compelling and responsible leaders. In Part 1 Sam shares his personal story of "dynamic dinner table conversation," the influence alcohol had on his childhood home, facing the illusion of control, the temptations and dark downside of being the hero, and a whole lot more...


You can learn more about Sam on LinkedIn and the CoActive Training Institute's Faculty Bio page - and you may reach him via email at