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Rick Tamlyn: On You, Me and the Urgency of Outing – Part 2

Part 2 of a conversation with Rick Tamlyn: thought leader, author, international keynote speaker and leadership trainer. Rick is a man who dedicates the bulk of his waking moments to making positive change real in the lives of the people he touches - particularly those driven to serve, heal and grow others.

Rick, always up for appearing on stage, shares the story of giving a sermon - as in "at church" - at a young age... He reflects on the inspiring and poignant story of his Uncle Gates and, finally, brings us up to speed on the founding of Produce You, his brilliant project that brings world-changing entrepreneurs out into the spotlight so they can do well while doing good.


Learn more about Rick at and check out Produce You at You may also find Rick on Facebook and LinkedIn. His book, Play Your Bigger Game, is available on