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Ice Cream, the Search… and Life Outside the Bubble – In Conversation with Steve Tulowitzki – Part 2

In this second half of my conversation with Steve Tulowitzki, we begin with the telling of a story of the impact of a piece of news becoming viscerally personal to Steve - and across his entire company...

Steve goes on to share his experience of "colorbrave conversations" at his organization, about corporations leading the way in social justice movements, the value and importance of curiosity and putting one's self uncomfortably into another's shoes - and culture - in order to grow and see the world afresh.


Steve Tulowitzki’s mission is to increase our collective consciousness so that social and racial justice in America becomes the obvious choice, and he believes that TRUE change requires Truth, Reconciliation, Unity, and Execution.

Steve is a former strategy consultant turned Professional Certified Coach and elected official who serves on the Town Council in his hometown of Munster, Indiana.

You can reach Steve via email here and find him on the following socials: ●      Facebook (Personal): ●      LinkedIn: ●      Facebook (Political): ●      Twitter (Personal): @SteveTulowitzki ●      Twitter (Political): @TuloForMunster