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Phil Askew – Following the Muse Around the World from Heathrow to London – Part 1

Phil Askew speaks of growing up with formulaic predictability in the shadows - well, more like in between the runways - of London's Heathrow Airport.

Called by his muse and pushed along by his maths teacher, Mrs. Taylor, (who may have really been doing her best) Phil describes his journey of following his values, passions, curiosity and hunger for creative expression. On the way he discovered the riches of his own homeland... as well as an appreciation for ancient, plundering Nordic ancestors!


Phil has been a practicing coach for over 14 years, specializing in helping solopreneurs and startups get to the heart of their mission, to connect the dots and really deliver.

Phil is a champion for the 'hybrid skills' generation and walks the talk by blending his passions of portrait photography, storytelling, and filmmaking to empower his clients to tell their most amazing stories. He also mentors for the CoActive Training Institute, teaching its students to build sustainable, purpose-led practices with powerful personal brand and authentic marketing at the core. Learn more about Phil and his work on LinkedIn, Facebook, his website, as well as:

Insta: @philaskew_

Telegram: @philaskew

Clubhouse: @philaskew

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