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From Russia with Love, Heart and a Whole Lot of Resilience: Leonid Frolov – Part 2

Leonid kicks off part 2 with a discussion of the importance of family and tribe, his fascination with language and simultaneous translation - and how falling asleep at a particularly inopportune moment turned out to be a life-changing wake-up call!


Born and raised in Soviet Russia, Leonid Frolov earned a bachelor's degree in geology, went on a number of geological expeditions and returned to university to pursue a masters in linguistics. With a focus on English, he went on to train as a Russian/English simultaneous interpreter.

An English language professorship provided Leonid's first steady job and, after losing both of his parents to cancer 6 months apart, depression led him to visit friends in the US, where he "accidentally" landed a job that kept him in the USA for 27 years working as a translator and interpreter for an aerospace company. He received a "wake up call" (after falling asleep during an interpreting gig!) and found his way to the world of coaching and the CoActive Training Institute, where he serves as coach training and Certification faculty.

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