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Saved by the Cat: An Addiction and Recovery Journey with Mark Wasson – Part 2

Part 2 of Mark Wasson's amazing story takes us deep into the world of addiction, where, as he puts it, "lie, cheat and steal" kept the illusion of safety in place while simultaneously threatening life itself. Mark shares a litany of losses that led to hitting bottom, where a dream of his cat, Tigger, finally began to turn the tide.

Mark tells his story with open-hearted generosity and grace in a matter-of-fact way that invites us to witness the vivid pain of addiction... And the equally vivid path of acceptance, humility, love, recovery and embracing life and sobriety with purpose and resolve. Mark's is nothing less than a real-life hero's journey. With a long history of addictions fueled by loneliness, isolation, and lacking self worth, Mark's recovery journey began with him reaching out for help after dreaming that his cat wanted to leave him. Now, he acknowledges over 17 years of continuous recovery and is experiencing a connection with life beyond anything he could have imagined.


Mark is a professional and personal coach who works with people in recovery who are seeking “What’s next?” in living a fulfilling life beyond sobriety.  He holds that people in recovery are worthy of connection and authentic, deeply intimate relationships with themselves and others.

Mark can be found adventuring around Washington, DC with Zell, his partner and love of his life.

Learn more about Mark Wasson and his work on his website:, on LinkedIn, and Instagram.  You can email him at: