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Nic Tovey, (R)Evolutionary Man, on Healing and Finding Center – Part 2

Part 2 of Nic Tovey’s story opens with the process he went through that led him to making a clear choice about how to see his circumstances, then choosing to take charge of his own healing.

That decision put him on a trajectory of studies of consciousness, psychology, philosophy and personal reflection, mining for “important bits of gold… that get to benefit me – and that get to benefit others.”

Nic shares his perspective on men, emotions and vulnerability as well as the wave of cultural changes currently afoot.

There’s an inescapably delicious richness and texture to Nic's storytelling that speaks volumes about a man who has much to share and teach.


Nic is an established and experienced Relationship and Intimacy Coach and Psychotherapist, drawing from over a decade of experience counselling and coaching hundreds of men, women and couples.

 He is passionate about the evolving world of gender, sexuality and relationships and is inspired to be a part of a leading-edge movement to challenge outdated paradigms and make way for a new emergence of love in the world.

 Nic is the father of 3 daughters, an explorer of the world and is very much in the trenches with you, trying to work out this thing called life!

You can find Nic’s book, The [R]Evolutionary Man: The Modern Man's Guide To Life, Love and Enlightenment (Whatever The F*ck That Means!) on Amazon, and you can learn more about him and his work on as well as LinkedIn.