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Jim Young: Taking out the Trash and Starting Over – Part 1

In today's act 1, my guest Jim Young tells of how, at the tender age of 9, he was asked to take out the trash – and told he was now “the man of the house.”  For years after, he played peacekeeper and strove to fill shoes that simply did not fit.

Jim shares his experience of losing his bunker-mate and doubling down on a litany of “shoulds” intended to help him draw a map that, in adulthood, would prove as uncomfortable as it was unsustainable.

Jim’s is a story of extraordinarily bold reinvention in the face of circumstances that, for many, are all too common.


Jim is a loving Dad, an executive coach, a teacher, a professional comedian, and a man who is always trying to "just love more". He is passionate about helping men solve their burnout problems by developing the relationship skills they were never asked to learn.

You can learn more about Jim and his work on LinkedIn or visiting his website,