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Jim Young: Taking out the Trash and Starting Over – Part 2

Act 2 begins with Jim’s clear choice to no longer allow himself to be “should” upon.

 He takes us into the work he does with men, as well as his passion for bringing improv into organizations.  Jim untangles the many angles from which we may approach intimacy, touches on the wide, rich range of intimacy available to human beings - and the risk and rewards of vulnerability and love.

Jim takes us home with the power of purpose, silence and connection, and offers suggestions to gently begin learning practices of slowing down.


Jim is a loving Dad, an executive coach, a teacher, a professional comedian, and a man who is always trying to "just love more". He is passionate about helping men solve their burnout problems by developing the relationship skills they were never asked to learn.

You can learn more about Jim and his work on LinkedIn or visiting his website,