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Navigating, Playing – and Leaving the Game Behind: Rodney Agnant, Act 1

Hailing from “Brooklyn… East Flatbush, pre-gentrification!” Rodney Agnant launches by sharing an early conversation with his father, in which he was told – at the age of 7 – that as a “Black boy,” more than a few cards were stacked against his chances of success and there were adjustments to be made. Hence, "the game" of finding success, while finding one's self begins.

Rodney goes into detail about his inner responses to his father’s warnings, about “navigating and playing the game,” and making a clear choice, this time at age 11, to get rid of his hometown accent. He reflects thoughtfully and clearly on decisions made by his younger self with deep wisdom and appreciation, then points toward the importance of training one’s ear to listen beyond accents and our assumptions about them.


Rodney Agnant is a personal development and leadership development coach. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has always been moved by people's dedication to creating a great life. Trained and certified by the Co-Active Training Institute, the Academy for Coaching Excellence and the International Coaching Federation, his work focuses on equipping people with skills and frameworks to become an empowering and compassionate leader in all domains of their lives. When he's not working, he immerses himself in art, writing, meditation, and walking in nature.

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