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Navigating, Playing and Leaving the Game Behind: Rodney Agnant, Act 2

Act 2 opens with Rodney Agnant sharing the gift of having older siblings who went to bat for him, marking the beginning of the end of “the game” he brought us into in Act 1.  He points to compassion, language, artmaking and the way they all weave into tapestries of identity – with a big bucket and moment of clarity from Jay-Z.

Rodney invites us to ask incredibly important questions about human beings, compassion, potential, and greatness.  He also draws important distinctions between the impossible and the improbable, challenging us to not conflate the two, and to stay present to the latter.

Our conversation closes with Rodney sharing his good work at Colgate University – and an invitation to each of us to be agents of positive change.


Rodney Agnant is a personal development and leadership development coach. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he has always been moved by people's dedication to creating a great life. Trained and certified by the Co-Active Training Institute, the Academy for Coaching Excellence and the International Coaching Federation, his work focuses on equipping people with skills and frameworks to become an empowering and compassionate leader in all domains of their lives. When he's not working, he immerses himself in art, writing, meditation, and walking in nature.

Feel free to share your reactions, questions, pushback and appreciations with Rodney at Or to start an unexpected conversation, e-mail Rodney and ask about the anime series Naruto changed his life!

Learn more about Rodney on his website, and visit him on LinkedIn.