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Michael Naylor: Sport, Mind-Movies and the Healing Journey – Act 2

Michael Naylor begins Act 2 by revealing his personal introduction to the Enneagram following what he describes as his “Oprah-worthy” divorce.

Quoting from one of his teachers with his signature, self-effacing humor – “You’re a fool and I’m a fool, so let’s just relax” – he shares his path to men’s work and busts the persistent myth that it’s even possible to go it alone in one’s healing journey.

Michael’s transparency and raw honesty are refreshing, and his stories are packed with rich, colorful, and accessible wisdom.


Michael Naylor, M.Ed., CPCC, LADC, CCS, is an Authorized Riso-Hudson Enneagram Teacher and Faculty. He is the Director of The Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation and Well-Being located in South Portland, Maine. ( He is an International Enneagram Association Professional Teacher and presents each year at the International Conference.  He does numerous workshops around the country: The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Relationships, The Three Instincts, Journey up the Levels of Health, The Enneagram and the Inner Critic.  He leads programs at addiction rehabs around the country for therapists and counselors on utilizing the Enneagram for enhanced recovery and relapse prevention.  You can read his articles at

He is also a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and has a full-time Enneagram, Transformation, and Recovery coaching practice with individuals around the globe. 

Michael is a licensed Addiction Therapist and Certified Addiction Supervisor in Maine.  He views the Enneagram as the missing piece in Addiction Recovery and Relapse Prevention and has been involved in recovery for 39 years both as a counselor, therapist, and recovering man. He's facilitated Men's Spiritual Transformation groups at the HETI Institute for 8 years.  He has worked in the field of addictions the last 27 years as therapist, coach, and educator, most recently at Serenity House, a men's rehabilitation center, for 14 years. 

Michael lives with Donna, his beloved Type Two wife of 21 years, his spunky alive Type Nine daughter, Chloe, and his mysterious and off-the-grid Type Five son, Christian.

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