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Hiding, Seeking, Finding, Flourishing: Travis Stock – Act 1

The child of a dental assistant and construction worker who were high school sweethearts, Travis Stock grew up in Tucson, Arizona.  His family were members of a United Methodist reconciling congregation in which same-sex ceremonies, well before Marriage Equality became the law of the land, were not unusual occurrences.

Even with that high level of community acceptance of LGBTQ people, Travis reflects on his own experiences of feeling different and separate as a gay boy, pouring himself into perfectionistic pursuits of music and studies as places to hide.

Travis’ story is one of both hiding and seeking, and toward the end of Act 1, beginning to come to terms with his true self through the well-timed help of one of his professors and the courageous healing work he and his family pursued.


Travis Stock, MSW is a Master Certified Life Coach, Equus Master Facilitator, and teacher. Travis helps others find what creates balance in their lives by first seeking acceptance of what is. He utilizes the Equus experience to connect others with the often forgotten wisdom of the body, allowing for more fully explored and developed choices in their lives.

Travis has a passion for the balance of masculine and feminine energies in each of us, regardless of gender, and believes in the importance of nurturing a relationship with both types of energy to create a sense of wholeness. (Click here to read more – Travis brings with him interest and experience in the areas of emotions, the LGBT community, transformation of trauma and shame, interpersonal relationships, family systems, men and masculinity, and living open-heartedly. In addition to his coaching, equine and otherwise, Travis hosts "The New Masculine" podcast and you can find him on Instargam at @travers03.