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Ken Mossman – On the Other Side of the Mic with Rick Tamlyn

In this first new episode of 2022, my friend, colleague, and brother-in-good-work Rick Tamlyn turns the table and interviews me!

Who knew...?

In this departure from our regularly scheduled programming, Rick asks me to discuss the whys and wherefores of my work with men.  We dig into the general state of manhood and look at our innate multi-dimensionality.

Rick and I put several of our inner dimensions/aspects under the microscope and point out the ways in which we, as men - aided in no small part by lifetimes of distorted messages - vote vital pieces of ourselves off our own islands.

Pointing toward the home-built guitars visible behind me on our Zoom call, Rick brings us around to the topics of creativity and, of course, fun.


You can learn more about me and my IAM program on the Cirrus Leadership website, and visit me on LinkedIn. (If you're interested in IAM, there is a special offer in this episode's end comments!)

You can find out more about Rick and his fantastic work at and, of course, on his LinkedIn profile.