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Matt Sinkovitz: Prisons, Porn and Perspective – Act 2

Act 2 opens with Matt Sinkovitz discussing being called – and answering that call – to his work.  (At the time of recording, Matt was weeks away from wrapping up a year-long ministerial internship at a local hospital.)

Matt continues with his move into the realm of men’s recovery from porn addiction, based on recognition of his own experiences of going down the rabbit-hole and, with help and support, finding his way to recovery.

He shares how his growing consciousness allowed him to recognize his own patterns and how porn had created “a ceiling to my spiritual growth.”

Matt’s authenticity, clarity and raw honesty are deeply engaging, creating a solid framework for his story and, just as important, his message and teachings about responsibility and learning to be with our own emotions and pain.

The conversation wraps with an overview of his “Porn to Purpose” program.  Matt’s passion for his work is palpable and truly refreshing and, were that not enough, he’s a delight to listen to!

You can learn more about Matt and his good work on his Facebook page, where you can access his well-vetted Porn to Purpose FB men’s community.  You can also email Matt directly at


Matt Sinkovitz has been a practitioner and teacher of personal & spiritual development for over a decade. An avid student of mindfulness and meditation, Matt graduated from the Blue Mountain School of Mindfulness Arts seminary program in May 2018, with a Masters in Buddhist Ministry, and was ordained Osho (priest) in May 2019.

Matt began his studies in Buddhism and New Thought as a young adult, seeking resolution to his own personal life dilemmas.  Overcoming his 20+ year compulsive relationship with porn, Matt has been inspired to share his journey and support other men in their path to liberation. He now facilities one-on-on and group coaching support for men working through porn addiction.  Through his online Facebook support community, ‘Making Peace with Porn’, Matt currently runs the ‘90-Day Liberation Boot Camp’, as well as the ‘7-Day Porn Abstinence Challenge’.

Matt is passionate about his mission to guide men in ending their toxic relationship with porn so they can reclaim their power and create lives worth living.

Matt recently completed his chaplain residency at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, in Hershey PA, where he trained in interfaith ministry.  He is a student of yoga, and studies traditional Japanese martial arts, at Itten Dojo, in Mechanicsburg, PA.