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Leadership, Skinned Knees and Growing Leaders with Iggy Domagalski – Act 2

Act 2 opens with Iggy Domagalski sharing about the sale of his company, Tundra Process Solutions, to Wajax, the company where he is now President and CEO.

Iggy quickly touches the phenomenon of “quitan’stayed”, a behavior he discovered existed (and someone even created a name for) in the lower levels of an organization he worked for early in his career.

 Iggy shares “My number 1, biggest passion in business life is growing leaders,” bringing us around to a conversation about mentors, hiring great talent, and allowing people to risk, “skin their knees,” and grow through experience.

 Before turning to mentors and circling the conversation back to trust and positivity, Iggy talks about the importance of navigating unknowns by not having to have all the answers.

 “You spend half your waking life at work.  It should be enjoyable,” says Iggy, wrapping with a short, wildly important riff on the value of fun.


 Iggy Domagalski is the President and CEO of Wajax, one of Canada’s longest standing and most diversified industrial products and services providers. He’s also a husband, and father, a grower of leaders and, were all that not enough, a whole lot of fun to speak with and listen to. You can learn more about him on LinkedIn.