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Jason Ighani: Oh, the Many Places I’ve Been – Act 2

Jason Ighani opens Act 2 with a look at “doing the work ourselves,” and having deep, honest conversations with his father.  “It was one of those moments I heard my dad saying something that I had been waiting my entire life to hear him say.”

 Aside from being an important reconciliation, it opened the door for Jason and his father to reframe their relationship.

 We dig into Jason’s creative partnership with Aeric Meredith-Goujon, (one of the first guests on this podcast) beginning with a short, very important side trip highlighting the triangle of intimacy, sex, and power as it relates to men forging true, intimate connections with one another.

 No spoilers here, just to say that the pathway leading to Aeric and Jason’s friendship might, on paper at least, seem… unlikely.

 Jason shares about his departure from Seattle, his post-divorce “cocoon,” and his realization that there was “still too much unsaid”, leading to his return to Costa Rica to be closer to his family.

We wrap Act 2 with Jason offering a few pieces of valuable advice, including “call your father!”

Jason Ighani is an accomplished team development specialist who brings over 15 years of global experience to his work at KITE, a global consulting firm specialized in supporting leaders and leadership teams within the humanitarian and development space.

He has worked extensively within the United Nations system in the areas of leadership development and performance management; specializing in assessing, launching and coaching leadership teams in both emergency and development contexts. He has also presented on the topic of team leadership and team effectiveness for a broad array of organizations.

 Jason’s clients include a wide range of agencies and NGOs including UNICEF, UNFPA, UNOPS, UNHCR, IOM, The Global Fund for Women, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and the UN Secretariat.


 Jason is the founder of The Humanitarian Coaching Network, an organization that enlists coaches worldwide to help humanitarian and development organizations support the engagement and wellbeing of their staff and accelerate organizational change. In this capacity, he is currently working with ICRC, UNFPA, UNOPS, WFP and UNHCR and a wide range of NGOs. He often works with an organization's most senior leadership and has a strong reputation for combining empathy with a candid, supportive, direct approach to help teams become more responsive, aware and agile.

 Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Development from Centro Universitario de Bienestar Rural, a Master of Arts degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology from the University of West Georgia, and is certified in an array of assessments, including the Team Diagnostic Survey, Hogan Assessments and the Needling Brain Inventory (NBI). Jason is based in Costa Rica and is bilingual in English/Spanish.

 Visit Jason on LinkedIn, check out his profile on KITE, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for his upcoming “Two Watermelons in a Sack” podcast collaboration with Aeric Meredith-Goujon!  Visit their page on Instagram: @twowatermelonsinasack