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Life as a Masterpiece with Alexander Inchbald – Act 1

Alexander Inchbald brings us into his world via British private school shorts and glorious handfuls of paint.  His dream, from the moment of dipping into that paint, was to live his life as an artist.

The bubble of his dream was burst when, as a teen, his father pulled him aside and told him that he’d “never make a living as an artist,” beginning a decline into depression and partying, resulting in serious damage to his stomach lining.

After a 14-year hiatus from making art, he sat on a balcony with a friend, to whom he said, “I need to start painting again.”  When brush met canvas after that long drought, tears of release came along with making those first strokes.

We explore what happens when creative impulses – the Inner Artist – are suppressed, and how they manage to find their way to the surface in painful, distorted ways.  Alexander compares the stories of Michelangelo and Vincent Van Gogh, both of whom were told by their fathers that art was a bad idea.

Alexander wraps Act 1 by exploding preconceptions of what masterpieces are, and the possibilities that await the world, if only we allow ourselves to follow our creative callings.

Alexander Inchbald is on a mission to help a million pioneers, misfits and artists with wild ideas to live from (doing what they) love by creating their Masterpiece—a portal into a sustainable ecosystem. His work is based on his experiments painting in extreme locations all over the world and research into what cutting edge psychology, physiology, epigenetics, metaphysics, and wisdom traditions can teach us about creation.


Alexander has helped thousands of leaders and dozens of companies articulate their Purpose and create their Masterpiece. He has worked on all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, is a best-selling author and has exhibited his artwork at Tesla and Google and, of course, online.

You can find Alexander and his amazing work online at his website,, on Facebookand LinkedIn – and you can catch his videos on Vimeo.