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David Taylor-Klaus on Unf@#king the World, Listening, and Learning to Human – Act 2

We open Act 2 with David Taylor-Klaus dishing on his collegiate acting career and how, through that experience, he learned powerful keys to connection and wanting for others. 

As we turn to the topic of purpose, David tells a story of returning to crew in his 30’s – and, after rowing in a winning 4-man Master’s crew, getting launched from a racing shell into water well-stocked with a nasty array of infectious pathogens.  That unfortunate dip led to an infection… and the fortuitous intersection of his physical recovery and that of one of his children, who was diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance.

Far from finding himself on an easy path, David swerved “dangerously close to the edge,” plunging into a deep depression that had him examining “the five best ways of killing myself.” 

He describes searching for an anchor, rigorously digging into his own inner work in a quest to discover his own purpose. 

We riff on the irony of our neurodiverse kids learning valuable social skills that everyone could benefit from, yet aren’t taught until folks face the unfortunate consequences of not having developed them. 

David brings Act 2 in for a landing citing Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements”, calls Michelangelo into the mix, and lays a solid foundation for purpose and “humaning” in fresh, clear ways. 


David Taylor-Klaus is a speaker, author, and leadership coach on a mission to unearth and unleash the power of the heart for entrepreneurs and senior executives. Since 2008, DTK has empowered his tribe to take an active, intentional, and dynamic role in their development and create the kind of life rhythm that enables them to build profitable businesses, raise thriving families, and live wildly fulfilling lives... not necessarily in that order

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