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Beauty, Darkness, and Wake-Up Calls with Joseph Bernstein – Act 2

Joseph Bernstein opens Act 2 expanding on healthy edginess and the vital nature of fierce love. 

We dive into a moment on the importance of truth and boundaries in relationships, sharing stories about the relationships around us that are built on foundations of complexity.

Joseph takes a moment to riff on experience, emotional maturity, and emotional repair, noting that “Uncomfortable conversations only get easier over time.  With practice...” 

Joseph touches on his work and the importance of recognizing pivotal moments, then guides us through his own personal journey with his name: he spent his early years through high school as “Joey,” then lived most of his adult life-to-date as “Joe.”  After 22 years, with a deep shift in his image as a man, consciously becoming more sovereign, and stepping fully into his marriage and other grounded aspects of his current chapter, consciously claimed “Joseph.”

We wrap with Joseph making some sound suggestions for men ready to begin their own paths of inner work and growth – and a couple of special invitations for people in the DC Metro area!

Learn more about Joseph on his website!