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“Strictly For Research Purposes” with Jake Fishbein – Act 2

Plunging into the deep end, executive coach and men’s work leader Jake Fishbein opens Act 2 rising powerfully to a question about vulnerability and  realness.

We touch on romantic and platonic love, and stepping out of our comfort zones to enjoy richer, deeper, more real conversations.

Willing to have your heart broken?

Jake’s response is, of course, an enthusiastic “yes.”  And he shares the importance of that answer in a moving moment of recalling his grandmother and her passing, and how heartbreak is, at times, an expression of joy. 

Jake wraps his wisdom around the connective power of emotions, and we dig into the ways in which denying emotions diminishes our humanity, leading to separation from both self and other. 

After a rich riff on acceptance, emotional flexibility, and complexity, we wrap with Jake’s powerful recommendations for men starting their own journeys of self-discovery.

Jake Fishbein is an executive and personal coach who helps people and organizations make and navigate their most important decisions. He works with small business owners, mid-level executives, and runs men's groups. He's been helping men trust themselves, live authentically and vulnerably, and step into the arena in their personal and professional lives for over half a decade. Jake grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has somehow survived nine years in New York City as a die-hard Red Sox fan.

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