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One Open Heart – and Mind – with Tim Sae Koo – Act 2

Tim Sae Koo joins us once again for a  powerful plunge into the world of 1Heart and plant medicine. . We touch on the big topics of love, the self, and connection, and Tim shares some tips on how to approach the psychedelic realm with respect, safety and reciprocity. He reminds us all to keep our minds open, be present, and live with intention, emphasizing that life is a journey to be be enjoyed with simplicity.

Tim Sae Koo is Co-Founder & COO (Chief Om Officer) of 1heart, where he pours his heart in service after bootstrapping and successfully exiting his first tech startup in Silicon Valley at age 27.

Declaring one of his ambitions was to be the first Asian American POTUS at the age of 5 to his single mother, he has continually flowed with his dream of creating solutions to problems that pain his heart to see exist. After realizing politics was too bureaucratic for him, and traditional businesses were too profit focused, he shifted his path towards his greater purpose: supporting the elevation of heart-led leaders through intentional & ceremonial psychedelic experiences.

Tim’s main intention in co-creating with 1heart is feeling in his heart that the greatest gift he can give back to the world now is facilitating transformational experiences that allow people to remember what it’s like to create, lead, and live from the heart. When he’s not out there humbly playing a role in leaders’ transformation, he enjoys DJing and dancing Ecstatic Dances, jamming with various instruments, activating his vocal singing, practicing meditation, mentoring first-time founders, and exploring various cultures around the world (30+ countries and counting).