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A**holes and Angels – with Jerome Green – Act 1

Today I am lucky enough to have a conversation with Jerome Green, whose path towards a career in counseling and university leadership roles was paved with moments of self-discovery. He begins by unfolding the story of his youth, detailing the influence of Mr. Miller, a mentor who played a pivotal role in steering him from compliance to rebellion to the complexities of identity and the ongoing process of self-discovery. With a keen focus on heart-centered living, Jerome encourages us to embrace curiosity and face the shadows within and before wrapping up Act 1, Jerome imparts a powerful piece of advice: find your frequency, discover your identity, and remember that all is well.

Bio by Jerome: 

I spent 24 years working in higher education, university management, leadership development, and human resources, and just as many years in the pressurized sports world running a youth sports basketball business, coaching young adults, and consulting coaches and athletes both on and off the court. 

All of my experience, education, and training have helped me build quite a collection of tools and methods to support those I work with and open their doors to discovery. 

My background translates beautifully to my business today and all aspects of my life. It helped me through what was perhaps my most difficult year, as it was for many, 2020. What I thought was once simple, I no longer take for granted. By embracing a growth mindset and gaining new personal and professional insights, I am now doing some of the best work of my career.