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And then I Couldn’t Talk: Ed Hisscock – Act 2

Ed Hisscock returns to continue our conversation, beginning with the ways his life was transformed following his TIA experience, how that moment changed the way he interacted with the world. We speak about finding purpose and how, when paid attention to, it positively impacts our relationships, careers, and just about every other aspect of life!

Ed leaves us with some wise words guiding us toward reflection, and highlights the importance of challenge.  He reminds us that weaving reflection and challenge together helps form a strong fabric, creating a formula for a well-lived life in which we get to find out exactly who we are… so we can better share ourselves with the world.

Ed Hisscock is a Healthcare Supply Chain Practitioner. Ed has spent over 25 years serving in the supply chain and IT disciplines with fortune 50 companies, healthcare supplier and healthcare provider organizations. Ed has founded two healthcare companies and personally served over 100 healthcare provider organizations in the US and Europe. 

Ed is the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at Trinity Health, a leading catholic healthcare ministry. Ed holds an Engineering degree in Electronics, a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science, and a Master's degree in Supply Chain from Michigan State University.