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Bridges, Battles, and the Unseen with Josh Wilson – Act 1

What does it mean to truly receive - not just gifts or compliments, but grace, love, and acceptance itself? In this powerful conversation, my guest Josh Wilson opens up about the profound woundings and mixed messages he received growing up, which left him grasping for his identity as a man. We explore how the expectations of masculinity can breed deep insecurities, and Josh's brutally honest recounting of hitting rock bottom on a bridge provides a powerful wake-up call. Ultimately, his story points to the reality that before we can fully receive from others, we must first receive ourselves through radical self-acceptance and self-compassion. It's some raw, insightful stuff any man can relate to.

Josh is an accomplished podcast host, renowned for his contributions to developing top-tier media brands. He has skillfully produced more than two thousand interviews, featuring guests including investors, CEOs, and globally recognized thought leaders.

His extensive experience in media has not only honed his expertise but also cultivated an expansive network and solidified robust alliances in the business world. This wealth of connections and insights positions Josh uniquely in the industry.

Josh serves as a Capital Market Advisor and member of the IPO team at Greentree Financial Group, Inc. We are a family office based on the belief that the U.S. capital markets are the best and most efficient in the world, Greentree leverages its expertise to assist high-growth companies in accessing the U.S. capital markets through a public listing. In addition to navigating clients through the complexities of a public listing, Greentree also assists numerous public companies with its ongoing periodic compliance filing needs.