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Colin Hunter: Families, Worlds, and a Life of Adventure – Act 1

Today we are joined by Colin Hunter who shares with us the magic of his Scottish upbringing during the 1970s with heartfelt anecdotes. Throughout our conversation, he narrates his evolution from a modest academic performer to an expressive communicator and entertainer. Colin candidly discusses pivotal life moments, emphasizing the profound influence of music, the significance of friendships, and his initial encounters with love and early stage performances. We discuss the power of mentors, namely in the context of his own, who played pivotal roles in his life by treating him as an equal, fostering trust and equity, and reshaping his perspective on gender dynamics and the importance of embracing life's simple pleasures. Colin wraps up Act 1 by offering valuable guidance for men looking to embark on an emotional journey and reconnect with their inner child by revisiting cherished childhood memories.

About Colin:

Colin started his first Leadership Consultancy business in 2001. In 2007 PotentialSquared was born. Over the next decade, the P2 team doubled in size and expanded globally across the US, Asia, and Europe. In 2019 P2 became a fully virtual business and in 2020, pivoted to 100% virtual delivery. Here are a few fun facts about our founder Mr. Colin Hunter, CEO at PotentialSquared.