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Colin Hunter: Families, Worlds, and a Life of Adventure – Act 2

In Act 2 of my conversation with Colin Hunter, we delve deeper into the intriguing layers of his life journey. Colin opens up about his breakdown at the age of 30 and how it served as a pivotal turning point, ultimately bringing on a transition from a career he loathed to discovering his true calling, which led to a newfound sense of vibrancy and authenticity. We explore the concept of being better ancestors and what it means to leave a positive impact on the world. Colin shares his passion for agitating the status quo and explains how it can lead to personal growth and resilience. As our conversation unfolds, Colin provides valuable insights into how small, mindful changes can ripple outward, making us better citizens of the world.

About Colin:

Colin started his first Leadership Consultancy business in 2001. In 2007 PotentialSquared was born. Over the next decade, the P2 team doubled in size and expanded globally across the US, Asia, and Europe. In 2019 P2 became a fully virtual business and in 2020, pivoted to 100% virtual delivery. Here are a few fun facts about our founder Mr. Colin Hunter, CEO at PotentialSquared.