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David Goldsmith: A Small Corner Bedroom and a Whole Lotta Cool – Act 1

David Goldsmith shares his story of growing up in the suburbs of New York City, alongside a plethora of interesting, intelligent and important people who helped shape the fabric of his community. He talks about his inability to fit in during High School, not really ever identifying with one particular group - likely fueled by a desire to grow up quickly - and the impact of connecting with people throughout his career, ultimately leading him towards work that he was born to do. David closes Act 1 by dissecting the type of people who are built for coaching, and how this emerging industry has allowed people like him to give something back to the world.

One of the founders of the coaching profession, David worked closely with Thomas Leonard, served as the first president of Coach U and later went on to lead He trained the first Japanese coaches, wrote the Dear Coach column for the Sunday London Times and co-founded the Foundation of Coaching which later became the Institute of Coaching at Harvard.