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Eldra Jackson III – In Circle and Openhearted Inside Prison Walls – Act 2

Eldra Jackson III joins us once again, and we hit the ground running, diving into his life's most valuable lessons. Hailing from a challenging background, he spoke of the significance of self-worth and the often overlooked role of support, especially for men. His own journey highlighted the immeasurable power of authenticity and embracing one's past for personal growth. Before we wrap up Act 2, Eldra touches on the pivotal importance of self-acceptance, personal evolution, and propelling oneself ahead.

A writer and sought after public speaker on the topics of at-risk youth advocacy, effective criminal justice rehabilitation and turning around ‘toxic’ masculinity, Eldra brings clarity of purpose, mission focus, and inspiration to his role at Inside Circle. He was an inmate at New Folsom Prison when he found Inside Circle and began the inner personal journey that eventually led to his release in 2014 and his current leadership role. A living example of successful rehabilitation and re-entry, Eldra has dedicated his free time on the outside to serving at-risk youth, acting as a facilitator, trainer, and mentor for organizations like Youth Empowerment and Goals Association, Shoulder to Shoulder, and the Alternatives to Violence Project.