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Living into Adventure with Jason Frishman – Act 1

Today I am joined byJason Frishman, a fellow men’s coach and licensed psychologist, who shares with us some of the most formative experiences growing up in the suburbs of New York city during the late '70s and early '80s, feeling like an outsider due to his sensitive and smart nature. He sheds light on his time at summer camps and involvement in a youth group, along with his early exploration of adventure and self-expression. We discuss how these experiences helped him grow, take risks, and develop a love for adventure and connection with others.


Dr. Jason S. Frishman, PsyD has been working for over 20 years to support individuals, groups, families, organizations and businesses. Jason is excited to bring over two decades of work in offices, institutions, kitchens, farmers’ markets, woodlots and boardrooms to wild new environments. Whether as a psychotherapist, the creator and founder of JourneyMen, public speaker, thought leader or narrative consultant, Jason believes that our lives are adventurous, and we can and should be an active, engaged author of our own adventure stories!