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On Listening with Tom Kaden and Michael Gingerich – Act 1

Today is a special episode, because I am joined by the dynamic duo of Tom Kaden and Michael Gingerich. We kick off Act 1 by embarking on a journey through the complexities of career transformation, and, courtesy of Tom and Michael, the conversation is packed full of valuable insights and strategies for men looking to make that change towards a path that truly resonates with their authentic selves. As we delve into their experiences, we touch upon the unique backdrop of how it was growing up in their part of the world, providing a rich context to their personal and professional journeys. We discuss passion, relationships, and close out Act 1 with a chat about the transformative power of embracing your true calling in a world that often demands conformity.

Bio: Tom
As an INFJ, Tom is among the smallest personality types in the world and is a unique hybrid of a dreamer and a realist. Both help him co-lead Someone To Tell It To in its mission. Tom’s deepest passion is to connect with all types of people in a way that makes sense to them.

Bio: Michael
Co-leading Someone To Tell It To with his closest friend is a privilege for Michael, and he strives every day to live the mission of the organization. He is most passionate about fostering relationships of depth and about listening with intention to everyone he meets.